avoid incoming

Needs a Self-Aware Plane – Extremely

Needs a Self-Aware Plane – Extremely Do you remember seeing Terminator avoid incoming from Skynet? Remember the rugged VTOL drone inside the military installation? It appeared to be an artificial intelligent floating drone with a machine gun and another ordinance attached. They also seemed to be self-aware and able to work fully autonomously to find

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respond to stimuli

Self-Awareness Reentered

Self-Awareness Reentered Presumably, your self-awareness begins at conception and therefore there is self-awareness even on the mobile level. If you, and here ‘you could be a plant or a microbe, react to stimuli (external or internal), then you are aware of yourself, although awareness of yourself comes in degrees: a mammal is more aware of

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Self Awareness

Self Awareness Self-awareness is very important when starting skills your own business. If you know you like to go to bed early, why should you start a business as a delivery boy at night? If you know you don’t like working with children, why should you start a business as a daycare owner? You will

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c-level leaders

Emotionally Self-Aware Leader

Emotionally Self-Aware Leader Today’s C-level leaders face business stress their predecessors never even imagined. Difficult business environments have managers dealing with rapidly changing markets, technologies, and workforces, as well as tight budgets, compliance issues, and more. A 2013 survey by Stanford Business School found that while 80 percent of CEOs surveyed suggested they are receptive

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Ride Your Self-Awareness

Ride Your Self-Awareness Dreams may not be real, but they are a reality in problem life. Very often you are left completely scared and suddenly you wake up to realize that it was just a dream, but the fear and discomfort are very real. Sometimes you want something to happen and it becomes a dream.

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artificial intelligence

Self Aware Artificial Intelligent Computer

Self Aware Artificial Intelligent Computer It is the year 2080 and everything is connect online. We’ve been thinking about swapping social media Adding chip memory. And instead of having business leaders like business leaders and politicians running our government. We use supercomputers. No, it’s not perfect, but it works much better than in 2050 when

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