Is the Concept for an Artificially Intelligence Technology Electrical Energy Grid Revolutionary?

Numerous grants have been award Artificially Intelligence Technology to computer scientist and engineering school across the country for new smart grid technology. Some of the most interesting DOE awards have been the artificial intelligence schemes to run our entire electrical power grid. Sounds interesting right? It does, but let’s talk about this for a moment.

Distributing power concepts Artificially Intelligence Technology

Consider first the challenges we face with our outdated electric power infrastructure right now. And instead of addressing the challenges. We use a “mosaic” to introduce new schemes that help introduce bi-directional power. Distributing power concepts and calling it a “grid. smart”. But is it really smart? Not long ago, I explained this to our group of experts and someone said; “I see very clearly what you are pointing out: the usual insanity.” Right!

And it’s not that I don’t think the concept of AI for the grid is a smart idea. I do, I wrote about it in 2001. But it seems like a tape aid for unreliable alternative energy. In a future of intelligently distribute energy. . network, which is already being challenged as it tries to repair the current network that need $ 800 million in maintenance and upgrade.

Brilliant academics Artificially Intelligence Technology

You see, these often brilliant academics, researchers, and engineers create the problem. Then say they can solve the problems with unintended consequences. That they create Artificially Intelligence Technology and now anticipate. Why let them fail twice and why do it with my money, the taxpayer’s money? I want cheap, abundant and reliable energy as much as anyone else. And yes I want 100% uptime like any citizen, we all want the system to be flawless – Six Sigma on steroids, absolute uptime always and forever. But can these academic elites deliver their political soundtracks?

Okay, I really like the philosophy. But I doubt these academic AI researchers will figure it out and get it right, and it has to be correct 100% of the time Artificially Intelligence Technology as we require our power grid to be running 100% of the time. . . They say they can do it, okay, but I say show me, don’t tell me, heck, it’s a concept that I say in 2001, possibly, but a concept is just an idea, and it’s here, we are now.

So why are all these academics and researchers standing up now. And pretending to be well inform because they agree on an idea. A big brainstorm. people need to be smarter than that? Clearly this smart grid is not smart enough so maybe we need Artificially Intelligence Technology to reconsider some of this before we go much further. Mosaic is generally not the long term solution and we should think long term when it comes to our network of Energy. Consider all of this.

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