General Artificial Intelligence Technology Will Be More Than Intelligence

General artificial Intelligence Technology is a term use to describe the type of General Artificial Intelligence Technology that we expect to be human as in intelligence. We can not smooth originate up with a faultless definition of intelligence, nonetheless we are previously on the method to building more of them. The question is whether the General Artificial Intelligence Technology we build will work for us, or will we work for technology hub

General Artificial Intelligence Technology based on existing

If we are to understand concerns, we will first need to understand intelligence and then anticipate where we are in the process. One can say that intelligence is the process need to formulate information base on the available information. That’s the basics. If you can formulate new information based on existing information, you’re smart.


Since this is much more scientific than spiritual, let’s speak in the form of science. I will try not to put too much scientific terminology so that an ordinary man or woman can easily understand the content. There is a concept involve in building General Artificial Intelligence Technology. It’s call the Turing test. A Turing test involves testing an artificial intelligence to see if we could recognize it as a computer, or if we could not see any difference between it and a human intelligence. The evaluation of the test is that if you communicate with an artificial intelligence and during the whole process you forget to remember that it is actually a computer scheme and non a being, then the scheme permits the examination. That is, the scheme is actually insincerely brainy.

Today we have several systems that can pass this test in a short time. They are not perfectly intelligent artificially because we remember that it is a computer system throughout the process elsewhere.


An example of General Artificial Intelligence Technology would be Jarvis in all the Iron Man movies and the Avengers movies. It is a system that understands human communication, predicts human nature and even fends off at some points. This is what the computer society or coding society calls General Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Technology knowledge or memory

To put it bluntly, you can communicate with the system that you do with a person and the system will interact with you as a person. The problem is that people have limited knowledge or memory. Sometimes we can not remember some names. We know we know the other guy’s name, but we just can not get it in time. We will remember it somehow, but then in another case. This is not name similar calculation in the enciphering biosphere, but it is something similar. Our brain function is not fully understood, but our neural function are mostly understood. That is, we do not understand computers, but we do understand transistors; Because transistors are the building blocks of all computer memory and function.


When a human being can process information in parallel, we call it memory. When we talk about something, we remember something else. We say “by the way, I forgot to tell you” and then we move on to another topic. Now imagine the power of the computer system. They never forget anything. This is the most important part. The higher your processing power, the better your data processing General Artificial Intelligence Technology. We are not like that. It seems that the human brain has limited processing power; average.


The rest of the brain stores information. Some people have changed skills to be the other way around. You may have met people who are very bad at remembering something, but who are very good at doing math with their heads. In fact, these people have allocate parts of their brain that are regularly allocate to memory during treatment. This allows them to process better, but they lose the memory part.

Artificial Intelligence Technology number of neurons

The human brain is medium in size and therefore there are a limited number of neurons. It is estimate that there are about 100 billion neuron in the average human brain. That’s at least 100 billion connections. I will get to the maximum number of connections General Artificial Intelligence Technology later in this article. So if we wanted about 100 billion connections with transistors, we would need something like 33.333 billion transistors. This is because each transistor can contribute 3 connections.

Getting back to that point; we reached this computational level around 2012. IBM had managed to simulate 10 billion neurons to represent 100 trillion synapses. You need to understand that a computer synapse is not a biological neuronal synapse. We cannot compare a transistor with a neuron because neurons are much more complicated than transistors. To represent a neuron, we need more transistors. By HEC.

Artificial General Intelligence Technology: A Reality Check

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